Meet the founder: Laura Arten

Though she be but little, she is fierce.” 

–W. Shakespeare, Midsummer Night’s Dream

I wish to take an opportunity to say thank you so much to everyone who supported me on my journey for it's been a magical one so far. Thank you to those who enabled me to bring Goldfire to life.

Four years ago I moved to New York with a dream and about $1500 to my name, once I paid for acting school. At the time I was still very much struggling to move to New York full time, as well as other growing pains: money or lack thereof, work visa for the USA, love, and the complexities of being a (not privileged) female foreigner who moved into the city completely by herself, determined to make it work.

I did. Through the fire, made in NY.

She is mad but she is magic. There is no lie in her fire.” –Charles Bukowski

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